The ICE Project


The Endurance Beset On August 30, 2016 the world commemorated the 100th anniversary of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s 1914 Endurance expedition. Although Shackleton’s original goal to cross the Antarctic on foot was a spectacular failure, his rescue of his 27 men in the face of impossible odds is widely recognized as one of history’s greatest feats. In recent years, documentaries and books about Shackleton and the expedition have generated countless fans while providing unique insight into Shackleton’s extraordinary leadership skills. The Ice Project endeavors to complete the picture.  As ambitious in scope as anything Shackleton himself might have dreamed up, the Ice Project is a first in combining entertainment, education, and grassroots activism:

  • Ice – the first feature film about Shackleton’s Endurance Expedition
  • In Search of the Endurance Expedition – with Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, an historic expedition to locate, dive to, and film the wreck of the Endurance where it sank in the Weddell Sea
  • Ice Heroes Campaign – a call-to-action grassroots effort to bring attention to Antarctic and ocean environmental issues

Entertainment media is one of culture’s most powerful mediums to effect change. Ever the showman, Ernest Shackleton was a master blend of the man, the mission and the message. The Ice Project brings his remarkable and riveting story to life for a new time, and with a new message–to protect our fragile oceans. Visit the ICE website often for the latest news on the Ice Project. Sign up for our blog, share our facebook fan page with your friends and organizations, and follow us on twitter.

Antarctic Summer - melting pack ice